“I want you to have Hope, there is a lot we can do for you.”


Those are the words that changed my life. They were coming from the radiologist who had just done a biopsy of a huge mass that I found in my left breast. It never occurred to me that the mass I felt was anything other than a fluid filled cyst until 2 days before when I went in for a mammogram and ultrasound and the same radiologist came in after the tech showed her photos and she had asked me if “I had anyone who could take care of me?”

What was happening? I had a new baby, I was nursing and I was only 43, how could the C-Word apply to me? The word HOPE would become my mantra. I had already had many challenges in life, I was given up for adoption at 18 months and had lost a brother to suicide, had failed relationships and learned the challenges of marriage and being a parent of 3.


Being adopted I didn’t know family history but I was going to get through this no matter what I had to do because as I told the doctor, “Of course I have Hope, I have 3 little girls, I’m not going anywhere.” I was determined. The next 2 years was filled with huge challenges but I was ready to face them because I realized:

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