Working to get safer products into the hands of everyone isn’t always easy, but it’s important. We are committed to be the leader in safer skin care and clean cosmetics, because we all deserve better beauty. Click the Beautycounter icon to go to Tonya's website and attach the pop-up to your order. "Because no one should have to wonder if their lipstick gave them cancer."

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EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

The core of Skin Deep is an electronic product database that contains ingredients in 75,363 products. EWG obtained detailed information on these products from online retailers, manufacturers, product packaging, and, to a lesser extent, through other methods described below. In most cases the information we obtain includes a brand name, product name, directions for use, warnings, ingredients, package/advertising text, and indications (cosmeceuticals).

Mommies with Cancer

Ink by Roseann

3D Areola and Nipple tattoos for Breast Cancer patients. 

"Cancer can take so much from us, in so many ways. To be able to give this back is not something I take lightly" says artist Roseann of Ink By Roseann. "I've been down that long, winding path of healing and putting yourself back together, and I'm honored and grateful to be the last stop on the road for others"

The Badass Boss Babe Club

The Badass Boss Babe Club is all about “women supporting women” and has developed a unique structure to meet those goals. The Club is a networking group for professional women with a social spin. We are women from all industries and professions looking to connect with other women to grow our business and develop long lasting professional and personal relationships.

Stand Up To Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) funds and develops the newest and most promising cancer treatments to help patients today. SU2C dramatically accelerates the rate of new discoveries by connecting top scientists in unprecedented collaborations to create breakthroughs. SU2C innovations lead to better cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, which means that we can help save lives now.

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