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"Be Kind to One Another"

“My Grandmother started walking a mile a day, it’s been 10 years and we have no idea where in the world she is”. I remember hearing this joke during the “Stand up Spotlight” segment on VH1 when I was a kid. I still remember it to this day and the comedian delivering the memorable joke? Ellen DeGeneres .

That was just the beginning of the amazing journey Ellen started in the late 80’s. Then moving on to appear in a number of films before launching her own sit-com called. “Ellen” where her observational humor made the show a huge hit. It was during that show that Ellen came out as gay and has been a huge supporter of many LGBT causes as well as anti-bullying and The Kind Campaign. Her sit-com was cancelled not long after among speculation the Walt Disney Company had cut back on promoting the show after Ellen’s character came out as openly gay. She attempted a relaunch of the show on CBS calling it “The Ellen Show” but it didn’t take off and was cancelled after just 13 episodes. Then came the move that has become a daytime staple for nearly 16 years. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

When I worked on “Days of Our Lives” we all wanted tickets to the new hit but it was so popular it was impossible to get tickets. Then the show moved over to the Warner Brothers Lot and our days of watching for the guests to arrive ended. I was just on that stage a couple of months ago when my husband appeared in an episode of “Henry Danger” I had also worked on the same stage in 2000 before Ellen got there when I worked as a Production Associate on the show “Sunset Beach” I like to think I have a little 6 degree’s of separation to Ellen sine I once stood on the same stage. Ha ha. Not to mention that my youngest daughter shares a Birthday with Ellen. I know someday we will get to meet her. #Fingerscrossed, #TheEllenDeGeneresShow,

Ellen has inspired many and America listens to her and laughs right a long with her. We all want to be friends with her and long to be in the audience for the Christmas give away episodes. She has a reputation for being super generous even flying her High School graduating class to California to be in the audience of her show and presenting the school with a new marquee sign. She has been involved in so many charitable organizations through her show it became a regular part of the show. She launched her lifestyle brand ED Ellen DeGeneres in 2015 and has published a number of books as well.

She makes us laugh, she reminds us to “Be Kind to One Another” and she inspires. That’s why Ellen is our #womenwhoinspirewednesday #HopeMovesMountains, #BadassBossBabes, #WomenSupportingWomen

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