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Colon Cancer Awareness Month Fund Raiser.

I did another amazing episode of the podcast with the amazing LeeAnn today and I'm super excited for you all to hear it. Here is a link to her web site: https://www.wifeotp.com LeeAnn and I sat down with my friend Ali who has been diagnosed not once but twice with Colon Cancer. She is an incredible woman and her energy is really captivating. Ali, LeeAnn and I are teaming up to raise awareness and also raise some Money for an organization near and dear to Ali's heart https://www.livingbeauty.org/

You can shop my beautycounter pop up "WOTP Living Beauty Colon Cancer Awareness Pop-Up,

Order here: www.beautycounter.com/tonyapeat and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the organization that gives free support to women going through cancer. They have a number of amazing resources and I'm all about helping women help women! So, order through the pop-up and feel good about the products you are using because No one should have to wonder if their lip-stick gave them cancer.

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