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Even under safer at home

There have been many things I wanted to get done during this quarantine. I started to learn to play the guitar, I started writing a script series idea I have had, I started to get back to writing the book I've been writing, I started to organize the house, I started to focus more on my Beautycounter business, I started a jogging program.... I have so many starts but what am I sticking with? I'm sticking with working at learning a new editing program and bringing the church service to around 100 views each week. From the first week of the safer at home order I have edited the entire service on my own. I get clips from around 8 different people that I turn into the weekly service. I've taken care of my family. Cooking and cleaning more than ever. Entertaining 3 young kids, homeschooling for nearly 3 months and getting ready to start a whole new school year homeschooling. Why is it that the list of things I have started seems to be the thing I focus on instead of the fact that I've kept my family healthy and happy during the worst pandemic in 100 years. It's too much and sometimes just the fact that. my kids are happy has to be enough. Getting them through this difficult time is enough.

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