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"Fly Like an Eagle"

There is a song that goes like, "Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future" a friend of mine in high school used to listen to it on her long cross country runs and that song to this day still reminds me of her. When I am encouraging other friends getting ready to run marathons I always tell them "Fly like and Eagle" "Run like the wind". We all have songs or phrases that encourage us. One of mine was used in the last Mission Impossible film in one of the opening scenes. It goes like this, "The devil whispers, You can't withstand the storm." "The warrior replies, I am the Storm." "I am the Storm" those 4 words meant so much to me going thru cancer and now every time life seems to knock me down, I think to myself, "I am the Storm" and I get right back up.

I learned at an early age that I really can get thru any storm. I was born 2 months early and my hips were not fully developed and my feet were literally turned in so badly they were facing east and west not north and south as they should be. I had casts from my hips down, baby shoes with a metal bar that forced my feet to turn out and "Forest Gump" Like braces, then corrective shoes. My biological mother was young and it was just too much for her to take care of a toddler who couldn't walk, who might never walk normaly and who between chronic asthma and all the doctors visits would need lots of extra care. So, when I was 18 months old I was put in a foster home. That is the day I was born. On Halloween I was brought to Don and Carol Van Horn's home. I feel like I remember that day with such clarity. The social worker handed me to Carol Van Horn and I felt like I was home. I handed out candy to the kids that came to the door and finally knew the security I had been missing my first year and a half. This is just the beginning of my story. I had found my home and the best parents any kid could wish for but I would learn soon enough life is full of Storms.. #HopeMovesMountains #TellYourStory #Survivor #IAMTHESTORM

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