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International Women's Day 2019

This Friday is International Womens Day, so for this #womenwhoinspirewednesday I want to shine a light on all women. Women who have forged ahead, braved uncharted waters, stuck it out when all seemed lost. The women who "Lean In". In doing my research for this weeks blog post I was reading an article in Vogue from a couple of years ago www.vogue.com/a…/international-womens-day-female-powerhouses it talked about inspirational women and as I read about one women and scrolled down and read about the next and the next and the next I realized that today in 2019 there is no shortage of inspirational women. That is incredible! Women have broken the "glass ceiling" in profession after profession. There really isn't anything we can't do. From refereeing a pro-football game to piloting a space shuttle mission we have done it, we have conquered. We have the most women in congress in history and with women like Angela Merkel who still tops Forbes Most Powerful Women's list at #1 she leads the world's fourth-largest economy and having had Hilary Clinton the first women presidential nominee the future of politics looks bright. We run film studios like Kathleen Kennedy, the President of LucasFilm who breathed new life into the Star Wars franchise. In the seemingly male based super hero arena Diane Nelson, the President of DC Entertainment is the one piloting films like "Man of Steel" the first film to really make Super Man's mother a strong female character. She raised him right and "Wonder Woman" a film which not only had a female lead (Gal Gadot) who happened to be a super hero who saved all the men, there was an entire island of women super heroes! I have to say during the scene when all the Amazons were training I had to slyly wipe a tear away sitting in the theater with my daughters. It was a wonderful empowering moment. The film also had a woman director in Patty Jenkins. Women are curing cancer! Women like Elizabeth Jaffee the deputy director of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and associate director of the Bloomberg-Kimmel institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. The women who came together to create Stand Up 2 Cancer, an organization funding research that is finding cures. There are no limits to what women can do and when we support each other we reach new heights. Curing cancer, reaching the stars, making movies, making change in the world. It's time we took our true place not as the "woman behind the man" but the woman standing tall surrounded by equally strong women lifting each other up. -Tonya Peat #HopeMovesMountains, #InternationalWomensDay, #WomenWhoInspireWednesday, #WomenSupportingWomen, #BadassBossBabes, #WomensNetworkingGroup, #WonderWoman, #WonderWomen, #WomenRunTheWorld

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