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“Keep Going”

4 years ago today I was minding my own business recovering from what I thought was my last cancer surgery but in the time it took me to walk up the stairs to my room a huge hematoma that unbeknownst to me had been building up for 9 days broke loose in my chest and blood and fluid began filling up around the reconstruction implant in my chest. The pressure became unbearable and my neighbor who is a doctor drove me to the ER at UCLA. She was concerned about my heart rate. In a matter of minutes I looked like Dolly Parton on one side of my chest and the pressure kept building making my arm and hand tingle. The only room with privacy was the Psych room, you know the one Kanya ended up in just weeks later. Yeah, I've seen the inside of that room. Lucky for me they didn't lock the door behind me. When they finally got me into surgery my surgeon said he didn't even have to use a scalple he just pulled a little on my existing incision and a liter of blood came gushing out. My own live horror show. I'm so thankful my surgeon came in on his day off, a Sunday to do my surgery and was able to patch me up without a blood transfusion. That was my day 4 years ago today. I can’t say the years since this happened have been without worry or even without surgery but i have learned the way to get through the tough times is to “keep going” and to have hope because #HopeMovesMountains

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