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Mother’s Day in quarantine

Today I’m reflecting on how different this Mothers Day will be. We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s been going on for months now. We have risen to the challenge of physical distancing and home schooling. Our kids haven’t seen their friends in months or been able to play at the park. Yet they are happy. The bills pile up but to keep the vulnerable safe we are staying home. Shops are closed and people cross the street to not walk too close to another. The air is cleaner because of fewer cars on the road. Neighbors check on each other regularly to see if they need anything. This virus knows no boarders, it doesn’t know if someone is democrat or republican. It doesn’t know if they are rich or poor. We are truly all in this together. My hope is we come out of this stronger as a world community and hold the fact that we are stronger together right to our hearts. Moving forward not as individuals but as a world community. I was on a group zoom call and one of the women said something to the effect of “when Mother Earth lets us out of this Time Out”... That is what I’ve thought from the start. The earth is getting a break and I hope we learn from it and move forward with love. Love for each other and love for our earth. This Mother’s Day is about something different this year. It’s about each one of us finding that motherly instinct inside of us and doing all things with love Because #HopeMovesMountains

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