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New Year, Same You.

This New Years Eve certainly looked different than any other in our recent history. I usually feel like unrealistic expectations are placed on New Years Eve, like the clock turns to 12:00AM and your life suddenly evolves into something better than it was at 11:59PM like a Gecko shedding it's old skin to reveal brand new even better skin beneath. Isn't each day a fresh start that should be met with the same optimism?

Each year I was pregnant with my 3 girls and the clock turned to midnight felt very special to me because it was the year my new baby would be born and of course that is super special but on any other given year what is it that makes us feel like when the clock ticks to the next minute our lives will change? It's up to us to make that change and no other year has felt as important for change as 2021. 2020 was a terrible year no matter who or where you were in the world. It didn't start out that way though. When the clock turned to 2020 we were filled with hope of a new decade. 2021 feels like it will be a slow start but a year of healing. We have learned that we can adapt and evolve when necessary. The Covid #s are still not under control but I'm not sure if that should be a surprise. I have had many moments where I have thought to myself, "When will this end? When we have all had the viurs and it determines who lives and dies? Or will it be when we get a vaccine and develop immunity?" When all this started in March with thought it would be weeks to get it under control but not it's been months and in some parts of the world it has been a year. It certainly doesn't feel like it's been a year to me. I for sure feel like I have been climbing this mountain again, I've had set backs like the ovarian cancer scare that thankfully came back benign. Another moment when I woke up from surgery and waited for the surgeon to tell me which direction my life would go. Would I be back in the cancer fight or would I get to continue on the road as a survivor? I remember him coming into my room and talking but I told him I honestly don't remember a word he said except "No Cancer" and that was enough for me.

This pandemic certainly threw our family for a loop too but we are holding on tight. Work stopped for Scott but thankfully it has continued for me. Scott was able to get in a commercial and a small part in a great film in December before the state went into another lock down. Scott and I have been together 20 years now and we have for sure had rough spots but we keep moving forward. The girls are getting through it as well as can be expected too. We have all stayed healthy. But we keep moving forward, that is all we can do but we know we will get through even this because Hope Moves Mountains.

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