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"Rachel McAdams will play me..."

I have been thinking for a while, years actually about writing my story. I remember being in a scriptwriting class in college and making a list of the significant events in my life and tilting it "My Life" I feel like I have a story to tell and things just kept happening, little clues and some not so little clues. About a year ago I made a conscience decision to start writing. I got a literal clue when I bought a new bag and inside it a little pouch inside one of the pockets was a pencil with the words, "Tell Your Story" printed on it.

Today I sat and talked with someone for a long time and it was like somewhat of a "This is your life" meeting. We talked about everything from my being given up for adoption at 18 months old to my brothers death and how hard it is to let yourself be truly happy after losing someone close to you. We talked about love, marriage, kids and cancer.

There is something in me and it's no ones fault except my own that tells me I have to push what I want aside to help everyone around me. Example, as I write this I have had to stop to wipe a boogie off a tiny finger and get milk for a kid and wipe a butt, granted that was all for my almost 4 year old. Anyway, I have a story to tell and I hope I get to tell it.

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