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"Safer at Home"

The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. Learning a new normal has come quick. Waking up each morning knowing no one is leaving the house except to take the dog out for a walk or a short family bike ride to get the wiggles out is the most adventurous thing we are doing. The girls have been in virtual school from the start. I have been working my part time job from home and have had then weight of it on my shoulders. I have been managing the digital outreach for our church for almost 4 years. I set up the online giving program a couple of years ago and had recently added text giving, I built the web site, social media programs and started live-streaming the weekly service. Now in this new normal, I have 6 people sending me their portion of the service and I am editing it all together making it flow and feel more like a weekly TV show. It has been exciting in the regard that this is really what I went to school for and my previous work experience was in fact in television production. When I was hired for this job, I heard that some thought I wasn't qualified for this job as it was a part time church office job and honestly I am not sure how I could have possibly been under qualified for this job giving that when I started it they were not even using their Instagram account, had no online giving and the website was as basic as you can get. I am so proud of what I have built in the past 3 1/2 years and now I'm even more proud that in this time when most churches have been scrambling to get their services online in some way, we are thriving using the tools we already had in place. Still trying to spread the word about Beautycounter and helping get safer products into the hands of everyone. You can find out more about that on my Beautycounter website www.beautycounter.com/tonyapeat because no one should have to wonder if their lipstick gave them cancer.

At the same time I am in a difficult time right now monitoring medical issues I have been having since November. Surgery has scheduled for the end of this month to remove an ovary that has a nodule that they can't rule out cancer, fallopian tubes, a uterine cyst and in the worst case senecio a total hysterectomy. I won't know until I wake up from the surgery how serious the situation is so I have been focusing on the positive. I have been in touch with my surgeons office and so far the surgery will go as planned but I do have a couple of pre-op appointments that I have to go to leading up to this surgery. It's been really nice to be home with my family. The girls are playing with each other and I think their relationships with each other will grow in this process. I'm learning to play the guitar which is something I have been wanting to do and time is moving slower. Getting creative with meals as well.

We never know how long we have with the ones we love so I hope this time in our "Safer at Home" mode will deepen relationships and show families how to spend quality time with each other. I worry about my family, friends, neighbors getting sick but thankfully everyone we know is taking the advice to stay home and stay healthy. The time will come when we are back out in the world and I think the first thing I will do is hug everyone I can. If you are reading this know I'm sending you virtual hugs and pray you are able to relax, stay healthy and have Hope, because #HopeMovesMountains

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