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SU2C, Morgan Freeman and Me

Anyone who has survived cancer knows the struggle, the pain, the sickness, the exhaustion. They know when you are diagnosed you either retreat to the dark or you stand your ground and tell yourself you will no whatever it takes to survive. I was lucky enough to survive and in the process be a part of something incredible. I was able to be in a PSA with Morgan Freeman and Stand Up 2 Cancer. It was incredible and I was so nervous but I knew I was part of something amazing and that I could potentially inspire others who had gone through what I went through. Sometimes you need a reminder to inspire yourself. The past 4 years moving on from cancer have been full of struggles and I have had many moments where the worry entered my mind that the cancer might find me again. I am in one of those moments right now. I have a lump in my neck that I will have checked soon and the possibility of Thyroid cancer or a reoccurrence of breast cancer is real. It's a low probability but the possibility is there. I had a thyroid cyst and had it drained but then the next year at my check up it was coming back. Hopefully it's just that, a fluid filled cyst. There is uncertainty until I get the ultrasound but one thing that is certain is that no matter what it turns out to be, I know I can survive it. I have hope and #HopeMovesMountains

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