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Taking our own advice.

We teach our kids to dream big, you can do anything, be anything. But as adults do we really believe that for ourselves? I was reading an article this morning about Director Katheryn Bigalow. I remember when I read every article I could find on woman directors. I could really see myself directing feature films. I'd be one of them. Maybe someday even head my own film studio. We make decisions and sometimes "Life has other plans". We compromise for the people we love and we find mountains in our way. We move one mountain only to find another, and another, and another. I know I've looked back on decisions I've made and wonder if that was the right decision. I also believe we are where we are meant to be but is it because of the decisions I made 20 years ago? There is a movie called "Sliding Doors" that was one that spoke to me when I saw it and I have thought back on often. How amazing would it be to see what your life would have been like if you had just made one different decision? How do we keep ourselves from looking back rather than keeping our gaze forward? Why do some people exclaim "My life is so amazing, how did I get this lucky?" yet others think "How did I get to this place I never intended to go?" What am I not seeing, why is the path so full of challenges for some but not for others? Today I don't have the answers, I don't even have any advice. Today the only thing I have to offer is that you just have to keep moving forward and keep the faith and pray and Hope, because Hope Moves Mountains.

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