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The real face of a Breast Cancer diagnosis

Breast Cancer Awareness month is full of pink ribbons and donations to our favorite breast cancer charity but I want to take a moment to show the real face of breast cancer. This is what it looks like to be diagnosed with breast cancer when you have 3 little girls, one of which is barley 6 months old. This is what it looks like to have to suddenly stop nursing because cancer has taken over the place where you have been feeding your baby for 6 months. This is the face of 5 surgeries and 4 rounds of chemo to come and years of rehabilitation and anxiety and tears. This is what breast cancer looks like. It's not a pink ribbon. It's strength and determination. It's telling the doctor that tells you to have "Hope" "Of course I have Hope, I have 3 kids, I'm not going anywhere." It's telling your husband who cried even before you did that, "This isn't a Disney movie, the mom doesn't die in this one." Stay alive, no matter what is the real thought in your mind. It's breast cancer awareness month, be aware, be strong, be smart, get your mammogram, even if it hurts, breast cancer hurts more.

This photo was taken after my breast biopsy and I was told I had cancer, you can still see the bruises that would soon be replaced with scars. #HopeMovesMountains, #Hope, #SU2C

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