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We all have our Mountains to Move.

I know when I was going thru my cancer surgeries, chemo, PT and all that comes with it I had friends who I would ask how they were doing and they would say, "Oh, you know compared to you I can't complain" I would always say, "What I'm going thru doesn't make what you are going thru any less important." We all have our own mountains to move and even when things seem really tough there is always going to be someone who is going thru something easier or something harder.

A young woman reached out to me on Instagram the other day and at first glance I saw that she was a bombing survivor and a swimmer that hoped to participate in the ParaOlympics in 2020. But as I looked closer and learned more about her story I learned that when she was a baby in Vietnam her parents in a suicide pact strapped bombs to themselves and holding this girl as a baby blew themselves up, blowing off the toddlers legs in the process. She was later adopted but an American family and brought to the United States. She is an amazing young women and I feel fortunate that she picked me to start "following" I hope something in my story inspires her because she inspires me.

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