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We're still here

The last day of school for the girls was today. Ava, 7th grade, Ashley 4th grade and Annabelle's preschool graduation. We have been doing school from home for 3 months and we were all burnt out. I was going to have Ashley do some summer school but decided against it when she was in tears during her computer class. It was a day she had 4 zoom classes and was having a hard time finding the document the teacher was talking about and the teacher just kept talking, Ashley had her hand up and was being ignored. Then when I got on and we finally got the computer teachers attention she helped Ashley but it was in front of all the other students. Her main teacher at lease puts them into small groups and can help students individually if needed. I felt bad for Ash and we didn't do the computer class after that. Her teacher said it was optional and it was all too much. Ava was overwhelmed at first and I think the teachers figured it out and started to give them a little more time for projects and had study guides for tests and it worked out. Ava did pretty well with it all considering she didn't get to see her friends hardly at all and only recently did she get to be in the same back yard with them and have some fun. She is on her phone a lot but it's the way they all stay connected so we have given her some leeway with it.

I think it's time for a break and to do some fun things like going to the beach or the zoo. it's time to take a breath and think about what our future looks like and if it is even possible to stay here in Los Angeles. We may move, it might be time. Time to really sit down and figure out how to write the stories I need to tell. If I could just get them out of my head, that would be a great start.

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