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"When they go low, we go high"

"There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made." - Michelle Obama

Our #WomenWhoInspireWednesday spotlight this week is on Michelle Obama. My 12-year-old daughter knew I was doing these blog posts and when I told her I was taking requests she instantly mentioned Michelle Obama. You see, my oldest daughter is old enough to remember when President Obama was elected. She had a front seat to history. Michelle Obama was one of the most active first ladies we’ve had. The list of her accomplishments goes on and one. There is a great article on the web site BlackDoctor.org that lists 16 specific accomplishments of Michelle Obama and I’d love to list a few of them here. Many of her efforts revolved around getting healthier options for children in schools. One of the most known is her “Let’s Move” program she launched in an effort to address the growing issue of childhood obesity. She advocated for healthier foods in schools and ways for parents to get the support they needed to help make healthier choices for their kids. Part of this movement was also the School Lunch program to get healthier foods in schools and access for low-income children. In line with healthier food options she also championed things like the Reach Higher Initiative. This was a program to inspire young people to not only graduate from High School but to continue on to college. She also joined in the campaign to bring the schoolgirls who had been kidnapped in Nigeria back. She was involved in the online #BringBackOurGirls photo campaign as well as enlisting help for her initiative Let Girls Learn to produce and sing the son “This is for My Girls.” She was also a supporter

Her popularity stayed strong even when her husband was dipping in the approval ratings. Americans knew she was doing well for children and they supported her.

From a young age Michelle knew the importance of a good education. When she was in sixth grade her father was suffering from multiple sclerosis and Michelle was determined to be a good student and stay out of trouble. That focus lead her to Princeton as well as Harvard, establishing her as only the 3rdFirst Ladies with a postgraduate degree along side Hillary Clinton and Laura bush. She also joined the ranks of First Lady Jackie Kennedy with her stylish outfits and daring bare arm official portrait. She didn’t conform and wear what she was told was appropriate for a First Lady; she wore what made her feel good. She will surely be a standout in the history of First Ladies and she will be someone that our girls can look up to. #WomenWhoInspireWednesdays, #BadassBossBabes, #HopeMovesMountains

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