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Who Inspires You?

When I attended the Beautycounter Leadership Summit last May I didn't know what to expect. I only knew 1 person who would be there and they were in charge of a large group so I knew I couldn't count on them to take me under their wing and, well, talk to me. I suddenly felt like I was in 2nd grade wondering if anyone would ask me to eat lunch with them in the cafeteria. My anxiety started to grow as the trip got closer and I got connected with someone to be my roommate in the hotel. I had been to these type of events before with another Direct Sales company but I always attended with friends on my team. This time, I didn't have a team and I didn't even have a friend there.

It turns out I wasn't giving the other women at this event enough credit. As soon as I got off the plane, well, even before in the airport I was able to strike up conversations with women going to the same event across the country just by overhearing their conversation. Then when I got off the plane I met up with my roommate and then we shared an Uber with even more ladies and we all became fast friends. It was an amazing weekend full of inspiration and friendship.

Maria Shriver was the closing key note speaker at our conference and It was truly wonderful hearing her speak. I had always admired her for her journalism work being a Communications major myself. I had seen her on Dateline and other news programs, on Oprah and on the Today Show. At the conference she talked about what it was like growing up and how community service and activism was taught to them at an early age. In face she said no one was allowed in their house unless they had signed up to volunteer at the Special Olympics, a program her mother had established. Maria has passed that on to her own children. She encourages them to serve the community and to find their passion at the same time. She called us at Beautycounter "Architects of Change' and said that no one in congress would have even been looking at making changes to the laws that protect hazardous ingredients in our every day products. In 2016 she interviewed Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew in an article "Creating Beauty Products that Better our World" You can read the full article here: http://mariashriver.com/greg-renfrew-and-beauty-counter/ But at our conference she spoke like any friend you would have sitting at the table having coffee. She was smart, funny and an inspiration.

I have just started reading her book "I've Been Thinking" and I know it's going to inspire me even more to be my own Architect of Change. As she says in her book "A meaningful life doesn't mean a perfect life" When I went thru my cancer journey I found my meaning. The next part of my journey has begun. #HopeMovesMountains

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