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I have been on a good friends blog a few times now. It's so wonderful to support friends and even better when that friend is a super funny, amazingly supportive friend like LeeAnn. Here is the link to the latest episode on Clean Beauty and switching to safer. We talk about trying to go without paper towels and the eco egg laundry detergent thing. LeeAnn and Jenna both use Beautycounter products so it was awesome for me to get to sit down with them and talk all things Holiday Collections. I have one word for you "Jellies" they are my new favorite thing and I love them so much I had to buy a separate set to keep and one to give as Christmas gifts. I'm going to break the set apart and make fun gift jars with a lip gloss, chocolate and a gift card. It's my favorite gift to give. So! watch, listen and share our Wife Of The Party Clean Beauty episode. https://youtu.be/KgY5W8a2aTk I also did an episode talking about my breast cancer journey and my husband and I did a yet to be released episode. I'm excited for you to listen to this episode. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast and listening to it at the gym or while driving to and from work. Maybe with ear buds while your kids are at soccer practice. You'll laugh and learn from awesome people.

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