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"You survived what you thought would kill you..."

When you hear those 3 words, "You have cancer" so many things race thru your mind. You think of the people you care about most and wonder if you will be around for the important things. When I was going thru my initial tests and treatments I had a vision. I saw myself a lot older than I am now. I was sitting in a chair in a hospital room, I wasn't the patient. There was a windward I could see people outside the window, they were happy and talking and laughing. In the hospital bed was a woman in her thirties, she was holding a new born baby. I was an observer in the room but I saw myself, I was filled with joy because I knew this is the moment I fought for, this is what made it all worth it. I looked at the woman with love and said, "She is beautiful Annabelle." My youngest daughter had become a mother. The women outside the window were her sisters and they were with their husbands. Everyone was happy. This is how I want my story to end. My girls grown with families of their own. I can let go then and not until. I will fight any battle that comes my way to get to that moment. I will #SU2C

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