Job Hunt after Cancer 

The past 4 years has been such a learning experience. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was working on a show called "The Young and the Restless" as a DGA Production Associate. This is an incredibly detailed position that combines the duties of a Script Supervisor, Production Coordinator, Executive Assistant and 2nd A.D.  I have done this job on a number of shows, over more than 10 years in the fast paced, Daytime Drama field. When I was going through my cancer surgeries and treatments I was offered the position of Director of Digital Outreach for NoHFUMC in the time I have been in that job I have advanced the digital outreach by leaps and bounds. Creating their Wordpress website from scratch, setting up an online and text donation program and creating and maintaining a social media presence. In addition I started a live-streaming of the weekly service and produce a weekly "Message for the week" video with the Pastor. 

 The time has come to jump back into the full time world of television and film production and I am applying and interviewing. If you have an opportunity you think I would be a good fit for please message me.


Thank you,


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